stupid weather

Normally I wouldn't let a little thing like freezing rain stop me,
but I need new winshield wipers for the Duster,
couldn't see shit on the way home, so I am in for the night.

Thankfully, I managed to get the brakes replaced today.
I had to go to three different stores to get all the stuff I needed.
It is funny how helpful auto part guys can be if you are driving something cool.
Shit, when I still had my blazer, I had little luck in that department,
I would have to flirt my ass off to get any help at all.
Will minimal eye batting, I got discounts at all three places today.

Funny how I can flirt with complete strangers,
but can't manage to be cute around people I like.
maybe I could take a class or something.

Anyways,,, so I have a new roommate,
and I think it will go smoothly.
I have to get used to the fact that there is someone other than me here.
I have essentially lived alone for a while.
But she has taken to decorating the place,
and that is a vast improvement.
It looks more like a home, and less like a batchelor pad.
I suck at decorating.
Maybe there is a class for that too, "How to act like a girl 101"

Fuck it.
I embrace my un-girlyness.
It suits me.
Plus I am pretty sure that if I starting acting girly now,
my friends would have me commited.

I realize I have nothing to talk about, so I will turn to a weather report.
It is fucking cold. I hate cold.
It amuses me when people say stupid shit like " I just looooove the winter."
Then don't fucking live in Texas.
Move to where I grew up, and see how much you loooove the cold.
Spend eight months a year digging your car out of snow,
sliding around on icy streets,
wearing five layers,
and still having your nose hair freeze.

More power to ya.
I am ready for triple digit temperatures.
Bring on the sun-soaked Texas afternoons baby.
This summer is going to be awesome.
I am mobile now, and I get to do all that shit I talk about every summer.
Tubing, enchanted rock, camping at the lake, far away concerts.
Fuck yeah.


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