I tire of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
Fighting the good fight gets old,
and I want to shrug the burden off of my shoulders.
Patience may be a virtue, but virtue is for the virtuous.
I think we all know I don't fall in that catagory.

It was so much easier being a bitch.
Never had to be nice when I didn't want to,
never had to hide what I was thinking,
never had to say ok when I meant no fucking way,
and, I sure as hell never had to wait for a phone call.

It seems that being nice is not all that fucking great.
Nice seems to equal being a doormat.
Nice does not get me what I want.
Nice gets me nada.
Fuck nice.

I have been following the old credo,
"if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all"
and damn, I sure have been quiet lately..
Well not any more.
Fuck being quiet.

Fuck this passive bullshit.
I am through screwing around.
I am tired of behaving the way I am supposed to,
it does me no benefit whatsoever.
Plus it's a fucking drag.

My friends from a few years ago would barely recognize me now.
I am a damn soccer mom in comparison.
And now I am asking myself,
what, in the living fuck, happened???

I want the old days back.
The old me back...
Old me had a hell of alot more fun.
Old me never gave a shit about who liked me and who didn't.
Old me used to tell people to go fuck themselves on an hourly basis.
Old me took absolutely no shit, under any circumstances.
Old me would drink you under the table and still beat you at pool.
Old me would laugh at you, you fucking pussy.
Old me had no regrets.
Old me kicked your ass twice in the pit.
Old me would pound 5 shots and then get on stage.
Old me laughed at your cheesy pick up lines.
Old me laughed at everything.
I miss the old me.

Well no time like the present I suppose to re-claim the person I was.
She is still in there somewhere, drumming her fingers, rolling her eyes, shaking her head, and smirking at you.

Watch out world.


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