I am beginning a slow return to the ol' blog I think.
It seems to be a good medium for venting.
Plus, the people I didn't really want to read it,
have forgotten it by now.

It is about 11:30 on a Sunday nite, and I am alone with my boredom.

It amazing that I am able to even communticate with you,
my loyal readers,
considering my PC has come down with a terminal illness.

(virus is an understatement.)

Every single thing I try to do generates this error message:

"[Whatevever you are attemping to do..] .exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. An error log is being created."
This includes the internet, Windows apps, installed software, and antivirus software.


I can't even use Word. (again, sucks.)

Unless some kindly computer godmother appears, I have these options:
1] wipe the drive, and reinstall/ restore/hope it works.
2] get a new hard drive
3] break down and bury the Franken'puter, and build a new one.

I, if given the option, prefer the 3rd option.
(I can call it the "Bride of Franken'puter!)

I mean really, ol' Frank takes up 3/4ths of my desk.
I envision 'Bride' as a sexy little laptop,
replete with duct tape and stickers holding her together.

Fantasies, fantasies.

Um, anyways...

News with me:
-Yes, I am still alive, (for all those wondering.)
-Yes, things are going well, (better than usual!) (aside fom the PC problem.)
-Yes, my job still drives me crazy.
-Yes, school is upon me as soon as next week.
-No, I have not seen any shows lately, but I intend for this to change.
-Yes, the website project is completely dead in the water.

That's all for now.


between me and you

Since the internet is beginning to cease in it’s wonderment, and the only thing my anemic television is offering is the monotonous Carson Daly Show, tonight I write some shit.

Things have been looking up lately, but yet I still feel the incessant need to bitch and ramble and stuff.

This is what I like to do, so sue me.

About three weeks ago I somehow accessed my old email account from RR. I read all these old correspondences from a time when things were bad, and then began to get great (for as long as that lasted...) It was very hard for me to read all the discussions with people I was so close to then, friends etc., and am not close to now. As I was reading all of these emails, about forgotten dramas, gushings, bitchings , and so forth, it made me feel an emptiness, a loss. I think that is when I realized how lonely things had become.

Then, a week later I re-meet someone awesome.

I fear putting it in print will make contentment swirl away like dust, so I cannot even tell you about it. Perhaps from that last statement you can comprehend my “trepidation or elation?” mindset.

Anyhoo,,, in other news I have registered for classes, should be an interesting mixup, philosophy, speech, American lit, and archaeology. I am also taking the latter as a distance-learning course. This means that I will be forced to purchase cable television, as you know I am loathe to do. Really. No really. (Ok, It will be kinda nice to watch TV once and a while.) Honestly! They didn’t have an online course, I swear.

God, I am so dull. If only you knew what was really going on in my head.

Perhaps I am better with the list format:

-There is drama at work the girl who hated me and is now my friend may be getting fired. I feel guilty because I let everyone know that she was bitchy, but essentially harmless. The mean boss might be getting fired too, but he really is an ass monkey.

-I still wonder if firing is contagious.

-I get way more pop-ups than emails, or comments on myspace. And it shuts my browser down, but I login to it constantly.

-I wish my friends would ask my guy if he is my boyfriend yet, so I can know without bringing it up. (high school regression, anyone?)

- I fucking hat spellcheck.

- And list format options.

- Dang it!


- So it seems as though since I tabbed my first 4 entries, I am now relegated to writing only a list and never reverting to the previous paragraph form.

Ok.. crisis averted.

You may be seated...

This is stupid.

I wanted to write because I was feeling creative but it still seems as though I am daunted by something. The bad luck miasma that I have been operating under for a while has only been absent for two weeks, but I already fear the return.

Maybe I should take my own advice, and play the damn lottery as if I want to win.

“You can’t win if you don’t play."