Current mood: bored/tired

It was rather rewarding to give my notice at my current job. Although I know I will miss my co-workers alot. I tend to dissapear from people if they don't stay in contact with me, but I am making a solemn oath to not forget my crew.
I am listening to 101x and actually enjoying it-on friday nights at midnight or so they play real metal. Sweet. It is nice to hear Slayer on the radio. I am tiring quickly of the nu-metal they usually subject me to.

I have been cheating on blogger, and joined a very popular "friend network"

Don't even try to find me,
Incognita exists only for your blogger pleasure.
The new venue is kinda weird.
I get friend requests from people who never even send me an email... What is the point of that? It must be like instant gratification, a friend without the effort of conversation. I say, what kinda friend is that? For pete's sake send an email so we can determine if we have absolutely anything in common, otherwise I doubt I will approve the request, unless of course you are really hot. (kidding!)

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Reign in Blood
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return of the blog

Current mood: unsettled

I tried to quit. Really I did. I am not sure if it is the Lonestar or the mascara smearing insomnia that makes me decide to type my meaningless thoughts online for no one to see. Probably a combination of the two.
I hate this time of night when even my friends in earlier time zones are asleep.
I can only read my favorite blogs so many times, I am too buzzed to do homework, it is too close to last call to go out, and yours truly is wide awake.
Well lets see what is new with me...
I am re-single. (this really isn't news is it? old news at best...)
School is an iron burden on my brain this semester, (also nothing new...)
I have to write a 5 page paper on "Death of a Salesman."
For Christ's sake isn't that a cliche by now? Are there no other plays?!?!
I guess that is what I get for taking Lit at community college.
Let's not talk about school right now, ok?
ooo, good news--
(drumroll pleeze,)
I have a new job!
No more greasy hamburgers and scooping ice cream for me folks!
By the grace of what ever diety suits me today, I managed to get a job at my favorite Mexican place right down the street from la casa.
Maybe this is the beginning of my (hopefully longlived,) lucky streak.
Now I am facing with the delicate task of having training at one job, and living through the last two weeks at the old one, simultaneously. Oh, and my courseload cannot be overlooked.
You know me, nothing is ever easy.
I am starting to think I operate best when things are complicated.
So be it.
In other news I will be starting to chew a lot of gum:


and there is proof to that old silver lining adage:


'til next time-

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