mi casa nueva

Welcome to my newly titled blog.
Never fear, the web address is still the same.
There are just too many lunatics on the fringe out there.
Loosely translated, the new title means
"The home of the hidden one."
Appropo, no?

Really that is the biggest piece of news that I have to report.
Life is pretty dull lately.
My schedule is as follows:
-----Mondays and Wednesdays
9am: Alarm goes off.
Smack alarm clock viciously.
Repeat until about 10am.
Sluggishly let Furface out to pee in the ginormous backyard.
Utilize my more civilized amenities, shower, brush blowdry, apply paint, sluggishly.
Try and find clothing to wear that is weather appropriate and fashionable.
Fail miserably, and throw on anything within reach.
Grab some water from fridge.
Kill any roach in my path.
Let Furface back in.
Look at the time, (10:54am) and yell a few expletives.
Pour fresh food and water for Furface.
Look around frantically for keys and bus schedule.
Make kissy noises at Furface, feel guilty thanks to his eternally sad puppy dog eyes.
Lock up.
Walk to bus stop fast enough to get shin splints.
Miss 10:55am bus, probably thanks to time wasted looking for bus schedule.
More expletives.
Freeze for another 25 minutes.
Thank God when bus finally rounds corner, (he isn't impressed...)
Get stuck sitting next to manaic talking to himself.
Get off bus,
Realize I have missed connection bus.
More expletives.
Get to school at last minute. (11:59am)
Do my damnest to stay awake during math class. (12 noon)
Listen to my adorable asian prof say, "and so on, and so force" several times.
Smoke toxic cancer stick.
Trod up 3 flights to next class.
Get winded, curse cancer stick (more expletives.)
Enjoy intelligent discussions in Literature class.
Alternate between feeling stupid and superior.
Go to Geology.
Feel simply stupid.
Hour break before next class involving:
trip to eat fattening food,
several cigarrettes,
call HP,
talk for 45 seconds,
a call to whomever else I think will pick up phone,
checking email,
browsing the library for books I have no time to read,
realizing that browsing has gone over. (5:40pm)
Late for Texas Government class. (also 5:40pm)
Wiggle foot.
Look out window.
Yearn for the facinating (no! really!) days of US govt class.
Stare at clock, mentally imagining my bus go by as prof goes over. (7:05)
Realize this serves me right for being late.
Catch later bus, miss connection bus again.
(you guessed it, more expletives and more thanking random dieties when the bus arrives.)
Get home. (8:15pm)
Play with Furface.
Do Homework.
Call boyfriend and talk for 25 seconds.
Fuck around on the internet all the while knowing there is plenty of homework I could be doing.
Smoke cigarettes.
Drink beer until sleep becomes remote possibility.
Toss and turn, use bed as virtual office, finally fall asleep. (4:47am)

Wake up when ever.
Let Furface out.
Go back to bed and lie there for another hour with no chance of reaching a full 6 hours of rest.
Get up.
Let Furface back in.
Get water.
Kill roaches.
Call HP.
Leave voicemail.
Shower, brush, apply paint.
Make mental list of all that needs to be done.
Get apathetic.
Do some homework.
Call HP again.
Don't bother leaving message this time.
Call roomie.
More voicemail.
Call PA peeps.
Answering machins mixed with voicemail.
Fuck around online.
Try to type interesting post and fail miserably.
Yell expletives at the pop ups that have returned after new broadband install.
Yell expletives at roaches, since it is their fault roomie refuses to stay here,
and therefore does not get groceries as promised.
Boyfriend calls, laments 72 hour work week,
I concur, conversation ends at a record 90 seconds.
"miss you."
"miss you too."
Try to further organize new place.
Decide I need another pair of hands to put up pictures that have been sitting on floor for weeks.
Consider calling someone and inviting them over.
Reconsider due to roaches, no food, and iffy toilet.
Turn on TV out of pure boredom.
Remember all I have is FOX and repeates of Stargate and Angel, which I hate.
HP finally gets out of work and comes over. (10pm)
We go get food, shortly thereafter he falls asleep, wakes up, and goes home to get up at 7am.
More expletives, but in a voiced in a "resigned to my fate," manner.
Fuck around on the internet all the while knowing there is plenty of homework I could be doing.
Smoke cigarettes.
Drink beer until sleep becomes remote possibility.
Toss and turn, use bed as virtual office, finally fall asleep. (5:12am)

-----Thursday and Friday
Same as above except,
I miss bus for work, as opposed to class.
Then, deal with customers who are nicer than my boss, (thats not saying much...)
wait tables,
count money made,
issue more expletives.
Swindle ride home,
or pay 1/5 of $ made to chatty, right-wing Republican cab driver.
Expletives muttered under breath.
Nightly 9 second phone call with HP.
Fuck around on the internet all the while knowing there is plenty of homework I could be doing.
Smoke cigarettes.
Drink beer until sleep becomes remote possibility.
Toss and turn, use bed as virtual office, finally fall asleep. (4:02am)

Same as above except..
Feel stirrings of hope for something fun to do after work.
HP picks me up.
I listen to his valid complaints about his exaustion level.
Convince him to take me out anyway.
Get dressed nicer, go shoot pool, drink, have a conversation longer than 4 minutes,
talk about making more time for eachother,
do a shot of tequila and forget all about it,
go home,
pass out.

Wake up hungover.
Do crap, run errands, watch TV, eat , eat, eat, be lovey,
realize how much my week sucks,
how much his schedule sucks,
and realize that the only day we have together is gone in a time that feels shorter than those 15 second conversations.
Remember it is worth it, while simlutaneously forgetting how lonely the rest of the week was.

-----Next Week

9 am: Abrupt reminder of the above

9:01: Repeat.


gotta love it

From "Best of" on Craigslist:

a letter to alcohol



I have a new email for both friends and readers,


the old one is now cyberjunk.

home sweet home

Well, it looks like another 2 am entry from yours truly.
Although by the time you read this,
it will be old news already.
(i know it is a stretch to call it news…)
I am still without my necessary connection to post this live,
so I have the pleasure of using Word and all its refinements. (spellcheck!)

A little bit of catch up:
I have moved. (as of today)
(yes, yes, again.)
I am technically at my new home,
(but, i haven’t hung my favorite painting yet-so it isn’t quite official….)
School is back in full swing,
(Lit, Govt, Enviro Geol, and, you guessed it, Math.)
my truck sold,
bought a new bed,
bought those outrageous boots.
(no, I don’t wear them to sleep, but it was considered.)

With all this in motion, I have been lacking in the communication dept.
Sorry to those who have been worried about me,
are trying to get a hold of me,
or generally think I am a bitch for not calling/emailing/Morse coding.
Shortly you will hear from me in abundance,
and wonder why you missed me in the first place.

I hate to say this, because it will surely jinx me-
But things are really looking up.
I am clearing over a bill for each shift at my job,
I have managed to keep a savings account,
purchase what I need, and some of what I don’t need,
and still make the bills.

Most of this is due to my new place.
Since I am splitting rent with my homegirl MP, (a.k.a roomie)
I am paying almost 200 bucks a month less.
There are of course the shortfalls of such a situation:
1.) The new place has a roach issue.
Thankfully I have a good landlord with a faithful exterminator-
who guarantees to remedy the situation.
Apparently, it takes time to get entirely rid of the nasty little fuckers,
(but, i am already getting impatient, as i am sure you understand)
I will keep you updated on the key events in this stimulating story.
2.) The plumbing is somewhat temperamental.
Probably because I have been flushing insect carcasses all day,
the commode is backed up, and I am short the implements to fix it.
Also the shower has the water flow of an old man with kidney stones,
and the bathroom itself is the size of a pea. (really, no pun intended.)
3.) Roomie (perhaps because of the aforementioned issues,)
almost never stays here, so its kinda lonely.

Really I have little to complain about.
All I need is:
1.) further extermination,
2.) a plunger,
3.) and a broadband connection to keep me occupied.
#1 I call tomorrow, #2 I can get for 2 bucks, #3 gets installed on Tuesday.
I have dealt with much worse problems; these are, at worst, minor inconveniences.

All in all, I think I got a deal.
I have two bedrooms, (mine is huge,)
a real working fireplace,
a backyard that fulfills Furface’s dreams, (its gi-normous!)
a washer and dryer (circa 1957- but in still fine working condition,)
a garage, (for my invisible car)
and more closet space that I can possibly fill.
(uh, did some one say shopping!?!?)
And lets not forget the free cable.
(…i mean, the, um, perfectly legal cable.)

The real deal is that I feel right at home.
Just me,
my new bed,
the crazy boots,
the perpetually absent roommate,
and a few floating roaches.

Ahhh… the good life.


intermission to avoid insanity...oops, to late.

Well, unless by the grace of the blog gods, I got the problems got fixed,
you are looking at a seriously jacked site.
I added myself to a web ring in hopes to increase my reader volume,
and the HTML code they provided somehow screwed with everything-
from post placement,
to font size.
WTF people?
This naturally has to occur when life has been keeping me
away from my mistress of the night,
(the beloved internet,)
since I am in the midst of relocation.
I, incognito, have been reduced to blogging from campus.
(if you see that chick in the back looking around furtively and covering her screen with her hands-
pay no attention to her at all.
that isn't me.
i am much cuter...)
So, anyway,
until today I was clueless of the problems you see with the site.
(ooooo, did you know that NO ONE ELSE bothered to scroll down as far as you to read this drivel? lucky you!)
all who visit are treated to a big empty space.
Wow, belonging to a webring has really increased my visibility on the web!
(sarcasm seeps from every pore.)
Now I get to dick around with my HTML template,
which I have no business doing-let me asssure you.
Wish me luck.
(let me rephrase that, wish me GOOD luck.)

Back to the matter at hand.
I wanted to let all the Fringe readers know,
that since I am moving,
I have no internet connection right now.
(oh the humanity!)
It may be a week or two until my next post.
Not that you can read this one.
Oh fuck it.
"To the template Batman!"
More on my decline into insanity later.


blah blah blah

I am bored.
Not like, nothing to do bored,
more like,
want to shave my head, become a country singer, and move to Tibet, bored.
Here is a list of the most interesting things to happen in my life lately:

1.) I got my student loans in finally.
(yes, it is gone already. it was gone before it got here.)
2.) I realized I really enjoy people making fun of famous people.
3.) I have decided it is in my best monetary interest to look for a new job,
(but I am too lazy to actually do it.)
4.) SU's dog bit me twice in one day, hard enough to break skin.
(i don't think he likes me.)
5.) I have lived here for 4 years, and never got a shot in the dark.
6.) Everyone stopped reading my blog months ago.
(because i have no life, and therefore, nothing to talk about...)
7.) I gained 15 lbs at some point.
(gee, i wonder how....)
8.) I tried to make pals with the new manager, but she already broke the friend rules by jumping all over SU. coughsleazecough.
(come to think of it, they both broke the friend rules. )
(oh well, less "friends" = less obligation to be nice to people when i don't want to.)
9.) I got a haircut that I don't really like.
(no surprise there.)
10.) I have determined that I really need to move. Like yesterday.
11.) I have stopped ending lists at #10.
12.) Found some cool cartoons.
13.) I am dying to buy these boots.

See why I am so bored??


... the list continues

I hope your NYE was better than mine.
I went with HP to his sister's party where I proceeded to drink
5543357 shots of various tequilas.
I remember about 5 of those shots.
The next day was hell on earth,
the only saving grace I had was the 'ol black eyed peas.
I must of ate three cups of those fuckers at work,
plus the sinus medicine I took before I got there,
and then the excedrin a kind fellow waitress gave me.
I am not kidding you,
this was the WORST hangover in the history of woman.
And the worst part is...
I don't even remember the "fun" I must of had the night before.
I didn't even make it to midnight.
(sad. I know.)
I think this in the first time in my illustrious history that I have not made it to midnight.
Not just on NYE, but on any given night.
I mean, I am the mistress of insomnia, after all.

I am feeling somewhat bereft tonight,
(as if there hasn't been a lifetime of nights like these.)
The recent event of my blog's outing on Craigslist left me low.
People suck, especially during the holidays.
"Merry X-mas, your blog sux!"
Man, don't you have anything better to do?

I may seem like a hardass, but I'm not.
I cry at movies,
I cry during commercials sometimes.
yep, always cry when someone wins big.
I go out of my way to be friendly-usually at my own expense.
I want people to like me,
a human trait, (admittedly or not.)
Usually I see people in an optimistic manner.
Not this week, pal.

This year I am thankful for the end of the holidays.
(Can I do that?)

For this new year I hope for many things.

!.) An end to the conflicts. All of them.
@.) A revolution of global goodwill.
#.) An understanding between differing ideologies.
$.) A decreased dependence on natural resources.
%.) A substantial increase in employment rates.
^.) America admitting to its mistakes.

(and on the shallower side...)

&.) reliable transportation
*.) reliable relationships
(.) reliable economy
).) reliable income
_.) and lest we forget, a reliable future.

Any of these items occurring would make for a great year.

All sarcasm aside,
best of wishes to all,
and to all,
good luck.