waning philosophical

Sitting outside of work tonight, I was struck with something I can't explain.
I certainly can't name it.
It seems to me that we live in a web of sorts.
Not the proverbial tangled web,
but one with other people.
People wash in and out of another's life in an eternal ebb and flow.
But the connections remain.
Did you ever find yourself thinking of someone and they happen to call?
I often already know who has emailed me before I check it, just a feeling.
Or you see a stranger, but you both feel strongly that you have met before.
That is the connection.
I am not sure it is really ever severed, but it maybe it ages from neglect.
I don't see it as telepathy,
I think it is a different type of energy.
I wonder what it is.

I imagine it operating in a similar way to business networking.
Meeting people in order to possibly develop contacts for the future.
Except in business it is a conscious act,
as in "I play golf with Steve, who is an accountant, maybe he can help."
Where as in the network I refer to, it could be sub/superconscious,
where the people you meet now, may have a profound effect on you later.
And/or vice versa.
It seems like an obvious thing to say. ummm....
Say two people hook up on vacation and fall instantly in love and never realize they went to the same school or something. They meant little or nothing to eachother in the past, but now the connection is entirely different.
It is like a scene in a movie where people who are destined to meet,
pass eachother on the subway.

Who knows.
I am having problems describing this revelation I had after a few Fireman4s.
Go figure.
It is very possible I am realizing how small of a world it is.
Or I am just getting drunk.

So on a lighter note,
what is everyone going to be, uh doing New Years Eve?
Ok. yes. drinking. I know.. But where?
Rumor has it that I am off for the eve, and working for the hangover day.
Bastard schedule. I am gonna try to switch.
It has to beat last year, when I got into a tequila drinking contest at 9 o'clock.
It took me about two days to recover, and I didn't even make it to midnight.
My head hurts just thinking about it.

I have forgone any hope for realistic New Years resolutions,
so am pleased to say that for this holiday my largest concerns are:
how much fun I will have, and what to wear to look cute.
The rest will take care of itself.


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