unfunny ramblings of an overworked mind

november has not been my favorite month folks.
first "we" re-elect Bush.
(what the hell were you thinking??)
then the whole gay marriage ban is supported.
(WTF people??)
that makes me want to return to lesbianism just out of spite.
but since my favorite ex-girlfriend is taken,
and 1600 miles away,
it will have to wait.

speaking of exes,
the BF and i have broken up.
(he will now be referred to as SU)
it was amiable enough-and now we are housemates.
yes, weird i know.
since when do you expect normalcy from me?

right after that fun,
i got major sick with strep throat,
and had to miss class and work,
(and dating opportunities.)

yep, i am single again.
it seems to be a perpetuality.
i am honestly better at being single.
when i date people,
(as opposed to being in a relationship)
they have less opportunity to tire of me,
ignore me,
forget me,
and then eventually
shut me out.
dating again is kinda awkward.
i am kinda out of practice.
flirting has never come easy to me.
my version of flirting,
is a vehement political debate followed by a solid ass kicking at pool.
not appealing to most men,
but the ones that like it are keepers.
some of my friends are questioning my attachment to dating guys.
they tell me "it hasn't really worked out for you so far..."
so sue me,
i am a glutton for punishment.

school is really sucking.
i am so ready for finals to be over.
my perfectionism does not mesh well with my recent attempts at a social life.
i am floundering and getting apathetic.
of course all apathy will go out the window when i get my grades and realize my 4.0 is now a 3.5.
then i will be bollistic and beat myself up over it for like,
that said, i am already registered for classes next semester.
does the stress ever end??

and then there are the holidays.
shoot me now,
before the barrage of christmas carols begin.

really i am not as depressed as i may sound.
just a tad overwhelmed.
that being said, i have to go...
i have two chapters to read,
math homework to finish,
4 loads of laundry to do,
a few phonecalls to make,
and a date to get ready for.
maybe thursday i can sleep.


pop quiz, hotshot.

Democracy cannot be chosen for the people,
it must be chosen BY the people.
Otherwise, is a contradiction of terms.
The people need to decide for themselves what path they will follow.
How can we preach unity when our own candidacy could not be bi-partisan enough to work together towards even one solution?
Not to mention the amount of force and occupation our military is using.
I am empathic and support the courage of our troops,
they are not being supplied the necessary means to introduce democracy to a fundamentalist Arab nation, parties of which have been warring for centuries.

I fear that the arrogance of legislated ruling is working only to piss off the middle eastern people, not unify them. If anything, they are unifying against the American hypocrisy of forced democracy. One cannot impose a belief in democracy, just as one cannot impose a belief contrary to one's religious faith. If I not mistaken, there is not a separation between church and state in either Iraq or the US.

(how many atheists have taken the presidency?)

But really my entire point is :
Is it really the place of the American government to forcibly impose its most recent set of "values" on people: within OR outside, the USA?

(and am I the only one that thinks that a military enforced democracy is no better than a dictatorship?)


screw mars and venus, how 'bout neptune?

I started thinking about the appalling double standard that exists between men an women in our society.
the whole thing started because of a few playstation games that recently came out.
namely this one;
  • the guy game

  • this one:
  • leisure suit larry

  • and this one:
  • rumble roses

  • and lest we forget:
  • the playboy game

  • is it just my neptunian sensibility, or do these games objectify women to nth degree?

    the first is a trivia game flimed in south padre island over spring break.
    if the woman gets the question wrong,
    she is supposed to flash the audience.
    pretty pathetic.
    the second link is based on an old PC game.
    the goal of the game is to get with as many college girls as possible.
    you start out with the girl labeled as the "community bicycle."
    is it just me,
    or is there some serious sexism here?
    the gaming industry wonders why it can't appeal to the female population.
    the answer seems clear cut to me.

    how many games/any-other-media have a male penis on display?
    not to say that there isn't a market for it,
    but think about it...
    female sexual attributes are everywhere.
    from the belly button to the breast,
    we are surrounded by female bodies.
    women's bodies are everywhere.
    but it is a scandal if dennis franz shows his ass on NYPD blue.
    some say it is because america would rather see naked women than men.
    i wonder.
    the growing population of gay men may disagree...
    women are even drawn into this.
    compare the # of women in men's mags to the # of women in women's mags.
    strikingly the same ratio.
    but more men are shown in maxin than in cosmo.
    is it because women find the female form more attractive?
    but, perhaps the # of women in momen's mags are about the lack of self worth.
    the "this-is-who-i-wish-looked-like" mentality.
    i am so sick of the ignored double standard.


    war more years

    well America,
    you suck.

    i wonder what we have instore for us over the next four years.
    more legislation based on what bush decides is moral.
    a bunch of stuffy business magnates nominated to the supreme court.
    a christian boot stomping on women's right of choice.
    more lost jobs.
    more rich guys getting richer.
    more poor people staying poor.
    more schools staying behind.
    the patriot act choking the life out of the constitution.
    a "C" student making decisions about our lives.
    excessive bumbling of grammar.
    haliburton, egads, taking over the planet.
    continued aggression toward iraq.
    more civilian deaths.
    more military deaths.
    more of homeland security,
    no fly lists,
    color coded "threat" levels used as a plaything for enforcing fear,
    racial profiling,
    but those evil homosexuals won't be allowed to get hitched.
    i feel safer already.

    and a draft.
    let's not forget that.
    let me proclaim this now:
    and i encourage you to do the same.

    what is wrong with this country?
    (to spare myself 500 emails, that is a rhetorical question.)

    I hear Ontario is nice this time of year...