my local news

hello my adoring public!
i have missed you so.
just here to catch you up on my latest news.
(for complete lack of a better term...)
don't worry, no political rhetoric tonight,
i am low on energy.

right now i am sitting at my desk,
half listening to the 7th (!) Yankee/Red Sox game.
Sox are 6-0 in the third.
last two games i watched were on the dull side.
maybe if i don't watch, NYY will score a run already.

i have (finally!) secured employment!
now, don't be upset,
i would have mentioned it sooner,
but i had to be sure it was cool.
i have been there almost 3 weeks,
and we are very popular.
and it isn't far from home.
it's been extremely crazy on extra hours,
but that is cool, i could use the cash.

the new puppy is doing very well.
well, except for the barking,
the chewing,
and the jumping.
(he's got ADHD for sure...)
but still hard to be mad at him for long.

i dropped the silly speech class i was in,
the only thing i took from it,
was that i could probably teach better than this woman.
all other classes are doing very well,
and math is starting to get confusing again.
so be it.

(god damn it. 8-1. in the fourth.)

my favorite time of year is coming up,
the only time where you can dress like you want,
and it's a costume, not an outfit.
but i am totally at a loss for this year.
i admit, when it comes to costumes,
i am not very creative.
i have been varying on an demon theme for years,
and last year i was an angel,
(although not a very convincing one.)
this year, i am completely clueless.
i guess i don't need a costume for that.

Other inane things new with me:
...just paid off my phone bill, and a new one came.
...recently become proficient in making milkshakes (and eating burgers
...have recently swore off drinking said milksakes after watching..
...the movie Supersize Me
...still haven't stopped eating red meat, however.
...have developed a strange affection for lists.
...not read any good books lately.
...went to see Queensryche the other day
...decided i need new pair of shoes.
...will probably break down and go shopping soon.
...in the middle of composing my own 30 questions email.

in less inane matters:
I voted on monday.
guess for who...
now i will sit back quietly with my fingers-
in a peace sign,
and wait.
it is good to know that early votes are at record numbers,
and scary.

(and the yanks are down by 6 in the 8th. shame.)

and in other news:
...my post concerning the tat tabu was poplular enough to gain the attention of a fellow cool chick/blogger extrordonaire on the site:
The Zen Pretzel Trick
(consider me flattered...)
...count on more diatribe to come.

PS. yanks lose by 7. hope the astros kick ass tomorrow


worship of war?

i find that references to gas prices as a justification for killing civilians and forcing democracy, um...
there is a common theme to any war:
and/or money in the form of organized religion.

give me one example of a war the U.S was involved in that did not have monetary gain or religious principles involved.
(this in itself says alot about how our society deals with it's problems.)
the American Revolution was a war for our religious freedom, and a war about paying taxes to Great Britain.
in a way our victory shaped history and defined our culture as truly independent.
but would we really be slaves to the British if we had not fought for recognition of america as an independant nation?
GB didn't need slaves,
they just wanted a kickback.
it as if as Americans, since royally kicking GB's rear,
we figure the rest of world is destined only for our conquest.

it frightens me how many people are readily accepting our latest war.
what happened to the concept of negotiation?
or agreeing to disagree?
there are other people on this planet than white, christian, rich guys.
as a self-thought progressive nation, why are we so quick to arbitrary warfare?

is war necessary?
war is only justifiable for those who believe in the cause that is being fought for.
war is a matter of belief, a faith similar to a devotion to a divinity.
a cause you would die for...
please tell me it isn't gas prices.


preaching to the choir

i remember a time in my life
when i wasn't nearly as political as i am now.
ahhh, the blissful ignorance...
the catalyst for me was the 9/11 tragedy.
I was 3 stories up
building a roof deck,
when between hammerfalls,
i noticed that the radio station
wasn't playing music.
i, as the apprentice, had the job of climbing down the scaffolding
all the way to the little portable radio on the ground.
after listening to it for a minute,
i called the crew down from the roof.
we went into the house we were remodeling and turned on the TV.
we watched in awe, as flames and smoke billowed from the first tower.
then, as if in response to the cameras,
the second plane flew straight into the second tower.
the men on the construction crew i worked with and i,
watched in stunned silence.
the foreman was less moved,
we worked for the rest of the day.
i sweat buckets in the Texas sun on a rooftop,
listening to radio coverage,
and watched the sky for errant 747's.
within hours after the planes struck the name "osama" was
a chicken fat coating on the lips of the media.
i thought it was strange that the terrorists that we were blaming for the attack
had yet to assume responsibility.
why make such a statement and then not claim to it?
when i got home the first thing i did was flip on the news.
and i never turned it off.
being a broke-ass, i have no cable,
i watched fox.
good thing i have an innate distrust for authority.

since then, my faith in our government dissapated rapidly.
the failed "hunt for osama."
the forgotten efforts of pre 9/11,
(such as the talks with V. Fox about giving citizenship to mexicans already in the states)
the approval of Bush's military defence plan, that was denied previously.
(coincidence? i think not...)
the posturing by the court elected president.
the "shock and awe" campaign.
the ill-named "patriot" act.
the sudden shift to saddam.
(hello??? there are no WMD's,
except for ours.
and there is no proof of a link between saddam and al queda,
even satan, i mean Rumsfeld, said so.
but there are plenty of links beween us and osama and saddam.
perhaps the US is the link?)
the wag the dog bullshit.
the violence that continues under america's name.
the daily rise of the death toll.
totally fucking disgraceful,

fast forward to today.
billions of dollars spent.
muslim-american relations in serious disrepair.
Vietnam-esque unwinnable war.
thousands dead.

for what people??
american pride?
you cannot say it is for those that were killed in the 9/11 attacks.
the death toll far outnumbers that now.
we need to remember the old adage of:
"an eye for an eye leaves us all blind."

now we are engaged in a war with no clear outcome.
"when will you bring the troops home mr.president?"
Bush's response:
"it's hard work"
well no shit.
if i have to hear that man cry about how hard it is to be president,
i'll lose it.
i mean, for christ's sake,
is the presidency supposed to be a cake walk?
like his time in the military?
something has to happen here people!
where is your sense??
get off your ass and fucking vote already.