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  • 9.26.2004

    just a friendly reminder...

    there is a guestbook located at the bottom of the lefthand column.
    it means a lot to me that the visitors to the site
    leave behind their feedback.
    nice, or not.
    please remember to sign the guestbook!
    to those that already have,
    a heartfelt thanks..
    (no sarcasm intended)


    say hello to the newest member of the fringe!

    cute isnt he!
    he is a blue heeler and about 4-5 months old.
    we named him chopper.
    that is sam's tail in the lower left corner btw...

    another pic:

    sam says that chopper is giving him a run for his money.

    another pic:

    "sooo tired... must...not...be beaten..... must stay...awake.....zzzzz"
    -sam and chopper, ( collectively?)

    the puppy has been keeping sammy on his toes.
    (as well as me and the BF)

    i now pronounce you mr. and mr. church and state

    i think everyone has the capacity to be attracted to the same sex,
    it is just to what degree.
    whether some feel they are genetically programmed to be homosexual,
    or feel that it is a conscious choice,
    makes no difference to me.
    all people should have the same rights to marry whom they wish.

    the people who can't accept that are people that have issues with their own self image and/or feel threatened by what they choose not to understand.
    as a country,
    i thought we were more progressive with regards to this issue than it seems lately.
    it suprises me,
    that with the larger political issues abound,
    the bush administration is so suddenly concerned with gay marriage.
    part of me thinks that it is of fiscal concern to the government,
    such as they don't wish to bother giving tax cuts to more couples,
    but really i think the reasoning follows a much more cynical path,
    the gay marriage issue is being reheated to take some,
    ANY attention off the atrocious handling of the Iraq situation.
    perhaps it is my leftist mentality,
    but how can the government hope to define marriage by "biblical" terms and not violate the first amendment:
    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    to legally define marriage as between a man and a woman not only violates the "free-exercise" rights of Mormon polygamous communities,
    it "respects" the Christian "establishment of religion" and well.
    not to mention,
    marriage could
    be referred to as a peaceable assembly.
    maybe the GLBT community should create an organized religion,
    just to restrict the government's meddling.
    hey, it would be tax exempt...!


    virusii, ink and stupidity

    sorry for the amount of time since my last post.
    (as always.
    i had a nasty little computer bug.
    it kept me pounding on the keyboard trying to get rid of it,
    and i am still getting pop ups from internet explorer!
    -even though i tried to erase the component from windows.
    (any helpful suggestions?)
    damn that rascal bill gates.
    sneaky fucker ain't he?

    not too much new with me.
    still unemployed.
    fun. (note sarcasm...)

    MP had her b-day celebration the other nite,
    mass amounts of alcohol was consumed by all,
    always a plus.
    no pics though.
    the BF and i made her a shirt that said
    "it's my birthday..." on the front,
    "spank me!" on the back.
    she is still trying to sit down.
    that girl loves her spankin's.
    (if you recall she was the one that beat my ass on my b-day...
    sweet, sweet revenge. i told you that you were gonna get it sister!)

    i got a new tattoo (well sorta) on thursday:

    Originally uploaded by incognito.

    if i had the cash i would be completely covered in ink.
    i love tattoos.
    there is nothing more attractive to me than a hot chick with lots of nice ink.
    that is why i keep getting them..
    most people don't get them.
    as a concept.
    (or they get a butterfly on their ankle)
    ("not that there is anything wrong with that..". -Seinfeld)
    so, i get some strange questions:

    "what will you do when you are 80 and you have those tattoos?"

    me thinking: "like i have never heard that before! that rhetorical insipid question has inspired me to rethink my entire life, i must have all my tattoos removed and join the religious right! "

    me saying: "well, i'll be eighty and have tattoos. my grandkids will think i rock-
    and i wear combat boots."


    and my personal favorite:
    "i likes yur tat, man, here's mine. i got this in prison!"

    me thinking: "get away from me."
    me saying: "uh yeah great. that is a lovely... um..what is it exactly?"

    and last night at a 7-11:

    (poking finger into my fresh, oozing tattoo) "you know you will have that forever!?"

    me thinking: "and you will always be obnoxious! imagine that!
    oh, and don't touch me."
    me saying: "gee? wow! they didn't mention that in the disclaimer! shit!"

    and what is with these people that ask permission to "see your ink work?" and then they grab your arm and twist it around a few times?
    you DO NOT need your hand to "see my work" honey.

    so if you want to keep your teeth, see with your eyes like everyone else.

    i'm going to bed...
    i will blather on later about the tattoo tabu.
    sorry if it bores you...

    (well shit i'm not forcing you to read this, so i'm not sorry. damnit.)