And they're off!

See you Thursday! Pray that we don't get caught in too much rain!



Just dropped the dog off at the parents. its awfully quiet around here all the sudden. boyfriends at work and i have to go to work soon too, but in my head i am already on vacation. until this morning we weren't even sure we could go--there were a few snags:

1)we want to take the motorcycle, but i'll be damned if i am going to ride for 5 hours in the Texas heat with 40 lbs of backpack on. so we order a luggage rack and bag for the bitch seat. the bag comes in, the rack it is supposed to sit on is on backorder. lovely. then why even send the bag? its useless with out the rack! the bag is too big to sit on the rear fender. plus the motorcycle is the "other woman" and my boyfriend would cry if "she" got any scratches on her behind. after calling the company, we realized we wouldn't get the rack on time. well shit. we already booked a room, got time off from our respective work places, etc. the BF called everywhere and finally had to order the rack through a local dealership. they promised it would be here in time, and although i had no faith, it was. (i am so pessimistic sometimes...)the BF picked it up today. When I saw it i was like -thats it? just that little piece of metal cost over a 100 bucks? and caused so much frustration and almost cancelled our vacation? i could have made that in the garage! the BF wisely changed the subject. (I still have to come up with a alias for him, "the BF" sounds, well, stupid)
2)weather. now that we have the damned luggage rack, it looks like it is going to rain some of the weekend. Bf brought up a good question--what the hell is the difference between "isolated thunderstorms" and "scattered thunderstorms"??? do the isolated ones have abandonment issues, and the scattered ones are just unorganized??? what the hell does that mean?
it means we are going to get rained on.
but we decided we are going to go anyway. "its an adventure!" he says.
why is it that when I want to go to the beach it rains? cant i have an adventure when it is nice out?
so be it.

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now I know what they mean by death warmed over 1

I slept in a bit today, had lunch with the BF, and was calmly (yeah right!)studying for the math (torture!) exam when my phone rings. Good student that I am, I ignore it. When the voicemail alert goes off, I jump up run to the phone, why, gee, it must be important if they left a message! Hell. I'd use telemarketers as a conversation outlet to get out of doing math, ("A cheaper phone bill! Tell me ALL about it!")
I don't recognize the number that called me, so I called to check my voicemail.
Dontcha know it? it's work. When did bosses finally understand call screening? Mine will call from another number to trick you into answering:
"Uh yeah, its (insert boss'name here). We just fired (ridiculously unreliable co-worker's name here). So now the bartender is the only useful employee that we have besides the cook. Can you come in a few hours early? And,(alternate waitress name here) will be in later. (strange pleading enters Mr. Boss guy's voice)um, call me if you get this. or you know, just come in, uh, ok? i'll try to call you again shortly."
So here is where my dilemma begins... I could:

a)pretend I never got the message (and continue with math..)
b)call, lie, say I am 542 miles away, but I can still get there
on time for my shift (unlikely to be believed}
c)just go already.

So I went. Here is where the circus begins.

I get there.
a party of six comes in.
six more join them.
another 10.
before I know it I have a party of fifty people.
I am the only waitress.
other tables wander in, looking annoyed that i dont jump all over them.
can they not see all those people over there?
"can I have some tea, and water?"
"can i have another thing of ranch?"
um, let me see
and, no.
my closing waitress comes in about an hour early.
THank God!
she is too wasted to carry a tray.
she screws up a few tables.
the boss sends her home.
now, not only did I go in early-
I will now be staying late.

So this madness continues until 2:30am. We kick everyone out and i sink to the floor delirious, and exhausted. I made money though, which is the important thing. I came home to tell you all this and barely made it, so this post is late sorry.
I hope everyone shows up tonight, sober. I mean really, what's it take??
remind me to bitch slap that other waitress when I see her again.


I am no Beyonce but..

i'm a survivor!...of karaoke night, where the karaoke night "MC" is doing a drunk-off-her-ass version of Bonnie Tyler's "Total eclipse of the heart" right...
I really need to invest in a universal remote so only I can control the volume, CD, or station played. There is nothing worse than the karaoke induced migrane. I have nothing against karaoke--I have been known to scald a few eardrums myself after a shot(or six..)
Someone needs to tell some of these people that they suck. If I do something, and I suck, I count on people to let me know. And usually they do.(you do right?) These people singing tonight have evil friends, i think. I can picture it around the water cooler:
"hey guys, karaoke night is tonight, be there, cuz I am goin ta do carly simon!" says Mr. self-thought singing sensation.
And when he walks away:
"Is he for real?"
"Yeah, its hysterical. we buy him drinks and watch his embarrass himself in front of who ever sticks around to hear it, then we take photos and paste them at work! (maniacal laughter)"

Either that or people are just delusional, and have been told they suck several times and still can't accept it.

There are people that are truly meant to sing, and waste their breath singing at karaoke night. These are the people that you stop tuning out, the ones that are so good you can't stop listening. None tonight however, ..not that im an expert...

So what is new with you??

If you want to start your own journal, or share pictures online easier than email attachments... (initials VS! lol)email me and let me know. its pretty easy to do free.

till next time,



tonight kinda sucked. I didn't make much money and my customers were high maintenance. People should have to wait tables for one week out of every year to remind them what it is like. For god's sake man! If I walk past your table every five minutes to pour you more water, don't say "nah I am fine" 15 times and then two minutes later say belligerently "miss! can I get some water!" It is just rude, sorry. And for the love of god, if you need separate checks, tell me before I print out and bring the check. Is this really difficult to do or something?

ok I will stop ranting. (but really, it sucked.)

Seriously i am a better waitress then I anticipated. no really!

I miss my friends when I am working alot. that's the bitch about cell phones, when you are working, take a smoke break and check your voicemail, and you get this message:

"So, (insert any friend's name here) and (other friends} are ,like, headed to (any random, yet cool, interesting destination). Wanna go?

To which my response is one of these three things:
1)sorry(random friend)no cash whatsoever
2)I wish, but it would take me at least two days to get there
3)no response at all because i used up my breaktime listening to my voicemail

Such is life.
I am taking a mini vacation next weekend to the coast. Nothing fancy, just a little road trip. I will post some pictures for sure. I'm getting tired, and if you are still awake after reading this post, you must have had to much caffeine today.

And yet, she goes on ladies and gentlmen!

Please dont think you have to read this thing, i post mainly to keep my own journal, but you are welcome to read it.
Audience groans, why didn't you say so?
Also please gracefully ignore spelling, punctuation, grammar, or capitalization discrepencies.
(Side note: if you are someone i dont know reading this, i am married to a copyright lawyer who is a bodybuilder and i have a dozen pitbulls.. with lazer guns on their forheads.
...oh yeah, and a moat with leeches and alligators.. with nightvision! yeah.)

Now that ya'll have read the disclaimer..

You are allowed to stop reading now, it can only get worse.


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right now

right now I should be studying for a math test I have to take in two weeks. Ugh, I hate math. This is why I am boring you all to tears on the computer, so I can put off studying.

right now the dog is barking incessantly at the movers next door.

right now I am considering a muzzle.

right now I am also doing laundry, such a multi tasker I am, laundry, contemplation of dog-icide, procrastination of math studying, typing, boring my friends...

right now I am cursing whoever made downloading photos so damn complicated.

right now I am wishing I would have paid more attention to those godawful computer classes they made us take in high school.

right now I am wondering who will read this crap.

right now I really don't care.

right now I am thinking how strange it is that I have two close friends at 721 iron st and they probably don't even know that they are there together.

right now I am looking at the clock thinking I have 3 hours left before I have to go to work

math and work.

right now I gotta get a life

And so it begins...

This is the new way I am going to try to let my friends know what's new in my life, to an extent. Due to creepy stalker weirdos that may or may not come across this blog, I am going to have to change names and some locations to protect the... well, if not innocent, unsuspecting. For those of you that have stumbled upon this blog, and don't know me-I can tell you now that my life is pretty uninteresting even to myself, so sorry in advance... I go to school full time, and I sling alcohol in a local bar/grill. I spend a bit too much time in said work location, primarily because the people I work with have become friends. I have lots of friends and family in the northeast and it is for them that I have created this site, if they bother to check it out that is. I have a great boyfriend, and I am soon going to assign him a pseudonym so I can talk about him more. I intend to post some fun pictures, and I will try to write a few lines everyday, but no promises on that one


Hello out there!

...is this thing on?