virusii, ink and stupidity

sorry for the amount of time since my last post.
(as always.
i had a nasty little computer bug.
it kept me pounding on the keyboard trying to get rid of it,
and i am still getting pop ups from internet explorer!
-even though i tried to erase the component from windows.
(any helpful suggestions?)
damn that rascal bill gates.
sneaky fucker ain't he?

not too much new with me.
still unemployed.
fun. (note sarcasm...)

MP had her b-day celebration the other nite,
mass amounts of alcohol was consumed by all,
always a plus.
no pics though.
the BF and i made her a shirt that said
"it's my birthday..." on the front,
"spank me!" on the back.
she is still trying to sit down.
that girl loves her spankin's.
(if you recall she was the one that beat my ass on my b-day...
sweet, sweet revenge. i told you that you were gonna get it sister!)

i got a new tattoo (well sorta) on thursday:

Originally uploaded by incognito.

if i had the cash i would be completely covered in ink.
i love tattoos.
there is nothing more attractive to me than a hot chick with lots of nice ink.
that is why i keep getting them..
most people don't get them.
as a concept.
(or they get a butterfly on their ankle)
("not that there is anything wrong with that..". -Seinfeld)
so, i get some strange questions:

"what will you do when you are 80 and you have those tattoos?"

me thinking: "like i have never heard that before! that rhetorical insipid question has inspired me to rethink my entire life, i must have all my tattoos removed and join the religious right! "

me saying: "well, i'll be eighty and have tattoos. my grandkids will think i rock-
and i wear combat boots."


and my personal favorite:
"i likes yur tat, man, here's mine. i got this in prison!"

me thinking: "get away from me."
me saying: "uh yeah great. that is a lovely... um..what is it exactly?"

and last night at a 7-11:

(poking finger into my fresh, oozing tattoo) "you know you will have that forever!?"

me thinking: "and you will always be obnoxious! imagine that!
oh, and don't touch me."
me saying: "gee? wow! they didn't mention that in the disclaimer! shit!"

and what is with these people that ask permission to "see your ink work?" and then they grab your arm and twist it around a few times?
you DO NOT need your hand to "see my work" honey.

so if you want to keep your teeth, see with your eyes like everyone else.

i'm going to bed...
i will blather on later about the tattoo tabu.
sorry if it bores you...

(well shit i'm not forcing you to read this, so i'm not sorry. damnit.)


Blogger Captain Apathy said...

To get rid of pop-ups and the other annoying security holes of Internet Exploder, go to http://www.mozilla.org and download their free browser. Mozilla is basically the open-source version of Netscape. I haven't had any problems with it since I installed it.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Zen Angel said...

As a female with eight tattoos and the next four planned, I completely sympathize with your on-going problem of what I call Inkless and Clueless Moron Syndrome (ICMS). The culture I come from tattoos as part of our traditions; it never fails to amuse me when some poor sap suffering from ICMS asks me, "What do your parents think?" and discover that my father has 21 tattoos himself! Sadly, the only known cures of ICMS are a good strong dose of over-the-counter Educatethyself, or (for the more severe cases) the cranium-anal removal surgery. And unfortunately, few with the syndrome opt for either. Pity.

2:36 AM  
Blogger orions said...

i agree with apathy,
download mozilla or mozilla firefox.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen and don't take offense; this is a big-picture analysis:

It is human nature in any and all cultures to be curious about anything or anyone that is different. Whether the differences are language, cultural beliefs or appearances it makes for a nosy disposition with lack of regard to any of the usual accepted forms of politeness. Particularly if the person with the "difference" is out-of-context if you will, with their surroundings.

Example- walking down a small town sidewalk you spot a man sporting a purple mohawk and ring through his nose clad in some stylish suit made by a top designer. You'd notice, be curious and possibly if not stare, take a good look. He on the other-hand can't help but think, "what are YOU lookin' at hick!?" and his attitude may come from the fact that he's feeling like a "fish-out-of-water" 'cause when he's in the city he's noticed for other things if noticed at all!

Out late one evening with friends you notice a woman walking her pet pot-bellyed pig or even a dog or snake (well, hard to walk but you get the idea...). You and your friends may have different reactions: "Cool" "Cute" "Yuk" but chances are you'll feel free to approach and say what's on your mind as you pet or talk to or make ick faces at the pet in question.

Suppose as a hearing person you went to a concert and observed a few folks gesturing wildly with sign language. No nasty judgements from you but you would be curious. They may think you've got a problem for even noticing them.

Say you're blonde and you head off to a foreign land where blonde is an unusual color to have. Alot of strangers feel free to touch as if you'd fallen from some other planet and wow look at those eyes if they're blue and all they look into are brown eyes on a daily basis.

Look the point is if you love your difference embrace them and understand the comments and touchy nosy shit can sometimes yeah, be ignorance but mostly I'm guessing it's just people on a whole. Attracted to anything different, unusual or peculiar to their everyday humdrum existence.

And if you're using your body as an artform expect as in all forms of art, it will be critiqued; you'll hear good and bad.(generally it's loved or hated yes?)

In regards to dumb behavior such as rudeness and touching remember this - there's a good reason museum artpieces have those velvety ropes around them.

That's all folks

6:18 PM  
Blogger incognita said...

i really could care less if people don't like my work.
it's called humor.
the real issue here is look but don't touch.
yes if a blond person went somewhere where it was an unusual color,
people would want to touch it.
this however is america,
where it is consided rude to do so.
because it is.
if you are , say for example,
had really nice breasts,
i wouldn't touch them, unless requested.
people have a tendency to think that tattooed skin isn't really skin,
which can lead to some stranger feeling just fine poking a finger into inappropriate places.
for example, i have a tattoo on my lower back that i got years ago.
some yahoo touching a woman there without her say so,
would be a perv right?
just because it is tattooed, doesn't make it ok.

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw C'mon - I Appreciate the humor in your musings- I laughed out loud at some parts 'cause you're right! people are sometimes so absurd! But see, that was my point; they just can't help themselves - I wasn't saying it's acceptable. really! - just typical of the species.

6:13 AM  
Blogger incognita said...

don't get me wrong,
i have a very generous sense of humor.
and an equally large personal space issue.
all i was trying to say is that people have a tendency to think that just because there is ink on my skin, they are allowed to grope it.
i agree it is a typical trait to ogle what is different.
and it isn't meant, necessarily, to offend.
but, damn,
it gets annoying.
that this kind of behavior is typical to the species,
still doesn't justify the behavior.
i promise that i will not really punch anyone in the teeth for grappling my arm...
but again,
just because it is so,
does not make it right.
(see my new next post for another example...)

9:31 PM  

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