mas car stuff

I realize that some of you may be turned off by my recent car related posts,
and I really don't care.

I had smooth sailing replacing my carb the other day,
until I noticed that something connecting the manifold to the choke is broken.
I assume this little piece of metal is called "choke rod" or something equally as simplistic, but since part of it is missing, it is hard to say.
From what I understand,
the thermostat relays temp information to the housing of this missing rod or spring thingy,
and the rod then operates the linkage on the carb to open or close the choke. The fact that is missing is playing a factor on the fuel/air mixture, and starting.
Or so I imagine.

Obviously I am not much of a mechanic,
as you can probably tell by my use of the word, "thingy."

Other missing parts of my car include various hoses,
the functions of which vary from A/C hoses,
(and since the A/C compressor sits uninstalled in my trunk, have no purpose.)
and CAS which is for emmission testing, of which my baby is exempt,
and hoses I think contribute to the rough starts.
Some hoses are capped off, so they remain a mystery.
(Well, that is a dramatic way to say I have no idea where they go.)
I am pretty handy, I like to fix things.
But it is hard to fix things that arent there at all.

I am really enjoying working on my car, though.
There is something strangely sexy about grease under your fingernails,
the smell of oil and sweat,
and of course, the rumble of a well running machine.

There are the little frustrations...
My temp gauge doen't work.
There are a few little cheap parts I need to replace,
almost in a trial and error fashion.
First, the four dollar sending unit,
and then the thermostat, ($12) if I have no luck with that.
Which I haven't
I took out the old sending unit, and the new one didn't want to go in.
The threads don't match because it is either the incorrect part,
or the I need to retread the female end.
I am pretty sure I have to rethread, because the old sending unit was almost identical to the new one, except the first five threads were stripped off.
In fact it looked pretty damn clean and new, which leads me to think her former owner was working his way to the gauge problem the same way I am, without fixing it.
Que sera sera.


car stuff

I am feeling pretty productive this evening.
I ordered a couple of new parts for the duster,
replaced the master cylinder,
bled the brakes,
and fixed that pesky 'no brake/tail lights' problem.
The best part? No labor costs-but for my own beer and smokes.

I also made an honest woman out of my old girl, and made her road legal.

It is nice to fix your own car.
Something inherently satisfying about it.
Of course, I had my dad's supervision, he digs it though,
we get some bonding time,
and he does no more than drink beer, point, and hand over a wrench or two.
He told me he wants his own project car now... I swear it's contagious.

I have had really good luck with getting parts.
Unlike some mechanics, parts guys build a rapport with you.
They gain nothing for adding unneccesary items to your shopping list.
So they don't.
Once they see you as a returning customer,
they give you more respect, and are more liberal with discounts.

I haven't had 100% perfection though, trust me.
They aren't being rude on purpose, but some guys are just fucking clueless.
Yesterday, a parts guy asked me,
"Nice ride, your boyfriend's?"
Instead of replying, I just gave him 'the look.'
A friend of my parents came by to say hi while I was fighting with a switch.
My face was literally under the brake pedal, and this guy says,
"I wasn't expectin' to see a girl down there." and he laughed. Har-har.

...People, when I am sweating my ass off underneath the dash of a car with black vinyl upolstering, trying to manuever vise grips and a socket wrench in a space half as large as my fingers, fighting with ancient rust covered bolts,
and/or trying to get parts for a 36 year old car at fucking autzone,
please don't fucking annoy me... ok?

It is just not wise on your part.

BTW... expect me to blather on and on about this car, or fuck off.
Your choice.



I tire of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
Fighting the good fight gets old,
and I want to shrug the burden off of my shoulders.
Patience may be a virtue, but virtue is for the virtuous.
I think we all know I don't fall in that catagory.

It was so much easier being a bitch.
Never had to be nice when I didn't want to,
never had to hide what I was thinking,
never had to say ok when I meant no fucking way,
and, I sure as hell never had to wait for a phone call.

It seems that being nice is not all that fucking great.
Nice seems to equal being a doormat.
Nice does not get me what I want.
Nice gets me nada.
Fuck nice.

I have been following the old credo,
"if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all"
and damn, I sure have been quiet lately..
Well not any more.
Fuck being quiet.

Fuck this passive bullshit.
I am through screwing around.
I am tired of behaving the way I am supposed to,
it does me no benefit whatsoever.
Plus it's a fucking drag.

My friends from a few years ago would barely recognize me now.
I am a damn soccer mom in comparison.
And now I am asking myself,
what, in the living fuck, happened???

I want the old days back.
The old me back...
Old me had a hell of alot more fun.
Old me never gave a shit about who liked me and who didn't.
Old me used to tell people to go fuck themselves on an hourly basis.
Old me took absolutely no shit, under any circumstances.
Old me would drink you under the table and still beat you at pool.
Old me would laugh at you, you fucking pussy.
Old me had no regrets.
Old me kicked your ass twice in the pit.
Old me would pound 5 shots and then get on stage.
Old me laughed at your cheesy pick up lines.
Old me laughed at everything.
I miss the old me.

Well no time like the present I suppose to re-claim the person I was.
She is still in there somewhere, drumming her fingers, rolling her eyes, shaking her head, and smirking at you.

Watch out world.


stupid weather

Normally I wouldn't let a little thing like freezing rain stop me,
but I need new winshield wipers for the Duster,
couldn't see shit on the way home, so I am in for the night.

Thankfully, I managed to get the brakes replaced today.
I had to go to three different stores to get all the stuff I needed.
It is funny how helpful auto part guys can be if you are driving something cool.
Shit, when I still had my blazer, I had little luck in that department,
I would have to flirt my ass off to get any help at all.
Will minimal eye batting, I got discounts at all three places today.

Funny how I can flirt with complete strangers,
but can't manage to be cute around people I like.
maybe I could take a class or something.

Anyways,,, so I have a new roommate,
and I think it will go smoothly.
I have to get used to the fact that there is someone other than me here.
I have essentially lived alone for a while.
But she has taken to decorating the place,
and that is a vast improvement.
It looks more like a home, and less like a batchelor pad.
I suck at decorating.
Maybe there is a class for that too, "How to act like a girl 101"

Fuck it.
I embrace my un-girlyness.
It suits me.
Plus I am pretty sure that if I starting acting girly now,
my friends would have me commited.

I realize I have nothing to talk about, so I will turn to a weather report.
It is fucking cold. I hate cold.
It amuses me when people say stupid shit like " I just looooove the winter."
Then don't fucking live in Texas.
Move to where I grew up, and see how much you loooove the cold.
Spend eight months a year digging your car out of snow,
sliding around on icy streets,
wearing five layers,
and still having your nose hair freeze.

More power to ya.
I am ready for triple digit temperatures.
Bring on the sun-soaked Texas afternoons baby.
This summer is going to be awesome.
I am mobile now, and I get to do all that shit I talk about every summer.
Tubing, enchanted rock, camping at the lake, far away concerts.
Fuck yeah.


countdown to hangover in t minus 18 hours

Those of you that have been reading my blog for the last few months,
know that I am not fond of holidays.
I rallied against all holidays in my "Fa la la la la, fuck you." post.
I remember damning Valentine's Day as well,
I think I promised to lock myself in a closet for the day.

Well, I managed to stay out of the closet.
I did, however buy a bottle of decent vodka,
made myself dinner,
and rented some bad movies I will deny seeing under threat of death.

Honestly, this is the best way to spend v-day...

I hope that you all have a good night,
and by that I mean I hope you get some.
Now if you will excuse me,


random venting

I hate being bummed out, even though I realize it will pass, it still sucks.
School has started.
I love school, but it comes with its shitty points too.
Spending 400 bucks on books,
loans being less than I thought,
(there goes that whole car idea...)
a general feeling of not being on top of things like I should be,
the accrual of more debt,
and of course,
the knowledge that my social life is going to be severely limited.
Not that I have much of a social life anyway.

Another shitty thing too is that my roomate is moving out,
not only do I have no one to take the room,
but I will miss her.

I think a big part of what is bummming me out is that I feel kinda lonely.
I know a lot of people,
but hang around very few.
There is always some party going on,
and I suppose I could go to some and meet more people,
but I am such a moron when it comes to social situations.
People seem to talk in a language that I don't comprehend.
Lots of times they are referencing a TV show or movie I haven't seen,
and it makes me feel stupid.
People rarely get my humor.
Maybe I should start watching television or something.
Do I really live in a world where the key to wit is cable?
Guess I am screwed then.
Fuck it.

Maybe I am just getting old.

Yep, thats it. I am old.
Gimma a week and I will have blue hair,
90 cats,
and forget where I put the keys to the car I don't have.

Interesting how when you are feeling crappy your mind turns to age.
I am certainly not where I expected to be.
In school we had to write a story about what we would be like in 10 years.
I said that I would be a award winning journalist in Austin with a big family.
So much for that.
At least I am in Austin I guess.

At 27, I am still trying to get an associates degree,
living paycheck to paycheck,
taking the bus to work,
blah, blah, blah.

Ok, sorry.
I will cease the lametastic pity party.
There are really cool things in my life.
(if you know me at all, then you know lists cheer me up...)
1. My myspace song thingy works again. Guess Tom read my last post.
2. I (think) I have finally mastered my new CD burner, and I need stuff to burn. May I borrow your CD case for a night?? Pretty please????
3. School does bring a much needed break from, well... break.
4. I have completed and submitted my app for UT, and I am already drumming my fingers for a response.
5. As every blue girl loves to do, I got my hair fixed up all purdy.
6. And naturally, bought new shoes.
7. Groceries always make me happy. I made homemade Mac'n' cheese, you know, the kind without the powdered cheese?
8. I am so thankful for the warm weather this winter, If I was in PA, I would be shooting people by now. That pesky seasonal affective disorder and all.
9. After 6 years in the south, I have (obviously) managed to maintain my sarcasm. Its been an uphill battle, folks.
10. And the # 10 on this top ten list, (#10 should always be the best one, since it is better to have ten than one) I like my job. A lot.
11. I can still think of more than ten things that me happy.

Ok I feel better now.


waning philosophical

Sitting outside of work tonight, I was struck with something I can't explain.
I certainly can't name it.
It seems to me that we live in a web of sorts.
Not the proverbial tangled web,
but one with other people.
People wash in and out of another's life in an eternal ebb and flow.
But the connections remain.
Did you ever find yourself thinking of someone and they happen to call?
I often already know who has emailed me before I check it, just a feeling.
Or you see a stranger, but you both feel strongly that you have met before.
That is the connection.
I am not sure it is really ever severed, but it maybe it ages from neglect.
I don't see it as telepathy,
I think it is a different type of energy.
I wonder what it is.

I imagine it operating in a similar way to business networking.
Meeting people in order to possibly develop contacts for the future.
Except in business it is a conscious act,
as in "I play golf with Steve, who is an accountant, maybe he can help."
Where as in the network I refer to, it could be sub/superconscious,
where the people you meet now, may have a profound effect on you later.
And/or vice versa.
It seems like an obvious thing to say. ummm....
Say two people hook up on vacation and fall instantly in love and never realize they went to the same school or something. They meant little or nothing to eachother in the past, but now the connection is entirely different.
It is like a scene in a movie where people who are destined to meet,
pass eachother on the subway.

Who knows.
I am having problems describing this revelation I had after a few Fireman4s.
Go figure.
It is very possible I am realizing how small of a world it is.
Or I am just getting drunk.

So on a lighter note,
what is everyone going to be, uh doing New Years Eve?
Ok. yes. drinking. I know.. But where?
Rumor has it that I am off for the eve, and working for the hangover day.
Bastard schedule. I am gonna try to switch.
It has to beat last year, when I got into a tequila drinking contest at 9 o'clock.
It took me about two days to recover, and I didn't even make it to midnight.
My head hurts just thinking about it.

I have forgone any hope for realistic New Years resolutions,
so am pleased to say that for this holiday my largest concerns are:
how much fun I will have, and what to wear to look cute.
The rest will take care of itself.